• My name is Jo Anne Roberts  and this blog is about helping women locate beauty products that are effective when your income is on a tight budget.  I’ll be adding new content daily and hope you can find my blog useful.  If you have any questions, please comment under the post and I’ll reply as quicklg as I can.  in the near future, I’ll be updating my contact information so you can contact me more easily and quickly and I’ll be able to respond in a timely manner.  my blog is new, under construction, and, your patients and understanding is appreciated.  Thank you for following my blog @beautyonabudget.
  • Helping women find beauty products while managing a tight budget.  We’ve all been strapped for cash at one time or another but, still, we shop for that ultimate beauty product!!  The holy grail for the beauty product we feel will change our lives….or….at least change the way we want to see ourselves!  I’m all in for being ourselves, and having our own identity.   But, when the bills are due, or you know you can only stretch your dollors SO FAR, its gonna be nice to know, someone has your back!!!  That can start with me helping you locate those beauty brands and healthy alternatives so you can score more for your dollar and KNOW what you’ve spent it on to be effective AND affordable.  I’m going to do that work for you!   All you’ll have to do is check back to beauty on a budget and read what products I’ve used and deemed….THE HOLY GRAIL beauty item arsenal… just have a little patients please as my blog is new, my skills for blogging are even newer but, the info I’ve been gathering is invalueable!Helping women find beauty products while managing a tight budget.

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