TrueSkin Naturals vitamin C Serum

img_20161026_161952I started using TrueSkin Naturals Vitamin C Serum in the summer of 2016.  My complexion seemed dull and with age creeping up on me and fine lines appearing, I did a little homework.  Seems like Vitamin C is just what my complexion needed to kick off the beginning of a new ritual for myself!  Vitamin C helps reduce tge appearance of fine lines and also helps build collegen.  We start to lose collegen as young as our late teens, early 20’s.  Wish I’d known that when I was 20!  TrueSkin Naturals Vitamin C Serum has a good viscosity.  It comes in dark brown bottles with a dropper to help preserve the contents.  Since vitamin c loses alot of its potency from exposure to light, and even indirect sunlight,  I’m glad TrueSkin Naturals has thought about that in every way they can.  Each bottle has an expiration date, stamped right on the label.  You’ll always be purchasing from a fresh batch.  The viscosity is a bit like honey.  When you use the dropper under the cap, you’ll use just a dime size amount to cover your your cleansed face.  Can be applied to neck and decoletege also.  I allow the serum to absorb in for 5 minutes before adding my next beauty product.  For me, that would be a hyaluronic acid serum but, I’ll talk about that product in my next post.  TrueSkin Naturals VitaminC Serum won’t leave a sticky residue.  It absorbs nicely and you won’t feel like its caked on.  Just remember, serums are concentrated, thats partly why they are labeled serums.  Less is more…You can find TrueSkin Naturals on for $19.99  for 1 oz. or $35.99 for 2 oz.


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