L’oreal Paris Revitalift Triple Power Trio

I started using the L’oreal Revitalift Triple Power Serum,  Deep Acting Moisturizer and the Day Lotion Moisturizer.  I am fortunate enough to have been using all 3 products as a product home test.  Like other women, I have been a long time fan of L’oreal Products.  I have always had great results using the L’oreal brand products.  This trio has given me amazing results.  I’ll start with the serum since thats the one you would apply first, to a cleansed face.  I’ve done a little research on serums so that when I review them, I can give accurate information about the product along with my results.   Serum are a higher concentration of ingredients in the highest form they can be delivered to your skin.  The L’oreal Triple Power Concentrated Serum Treatment  repairs wrinkles, redensifies, and resurfaces your skin.   Two of the main ingredients this serum will deliver are Pro-Xylane & Hyaluronic Acid.  Hyaluronic acid helps your skin with retaining moisture.  Its highly effective in holding its weight in water 1000 times.  You’ll want to make sure your serums and moisturizer has hyalutonic acid as an ingredient.  That ingredient helps plump your skin which in return helps fade fine lines and wrinkles.   It comes in a pump bottle which I always like to help keep out air.   Air getting into your formulas will degrade the ingredients over a short period of time.  I like that L’oreal uses a pump bottle for their serums since the ingredients are more concentrated.  I want my monies worth!!  The serum is really silky and it only takes 1 pump from the despenser to do your whole face.  I also use it on my neck and chest so I use a little more.  My skin feels softer and because I’ve been using L’oreal Day moisturizer with 30 spf for the past 7 months, I can honestly say, I’m noticing the tiny crows feet fading.  They are still a little noticable but, they ARE fading.

The L’oreal Revitalift Triple Power Day Moisturizer contains a 20 spf.  It also is dispensed from a pump bottle.  It helps repair wrinkles, smooths out fine lines, and fades spots and discoloration.  The L’oreal day moisturizer contains Pro-Xylane + Bright Active XP3.  The XP3 is the ingredient responsible for fading dark spots and leaving you with a brighter complexion.   Listed on the box is information that this moisturizer is dermatologist tested for safety,  suitable for all skin types, non greasy, and absorbs quickly.  I’ve been using this moisturizer now for 1 week and I can honestly say, it isn’t greasy or leave any greasy residue.  It does abdorb quickly and hasn’t clogged my pores.  Which I’m  a real stickler about.

The L’oreal Triple Power Deep-Acting Moisturizer comes in a glass jar as does the serum. The formula is thicker and a bit heavier so I’ve been using it as a night moisturizer during my product home testing of it.  I’ll continue to use it until the product is gone so I’ll be updating this review in about 3 weeks.  Usually, 1 jar of cream lasts me about a month.  I tend to use a little more for each application but, you can get by with about a quarter size amount.  I loved how well this cream abdorbed.  I couldn’f even tell I was wearing a heavier moisturizer.  I know most women hate going to bed with a heavy feeling moisturizer on their faces.  That can make you feel like your suffocating.  This moisturizer does NOT feel that way at all.  I was reading an article about how to tell if you’re using a really great moisturizer and the article said, that if the moisturizer absorbs quickly and you can’t tell you have it on, that’s in indication its a good moisturizer.  It’s doing its job.  L’oreal serums, lotions and creams all absorbed nicely.  After applying the serum and day lotion, I only waited about 3 or 4 minutes and started applying my make-up which went on really nicely.  My face felt soft and smooth and my foundation really did look flawless.

Most L’oreal serums and moisturizers run anywhere from $24.99 – $29.00 in all drug stores.  You can always find them at a drug store you shop most frequently and you can also find them online st L’oreal Paris websites and Amazon.  You really should try the serum and 1 if not both of the cream and lotion I mentioned.  It’s never too late, and you’re never too young to make sure your skin gets nourished, stays moisturized and healthy.  This trio will give you a fresh healthy glow.20161024_150727-1




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