Rescue Skin

Even though, my goal here is to locate, try, and recommend beauty products that are affordable to women on a tight budget, or maybe you just like saving money, I do happen to come across a product line that is a tad bit more expensive but, such a great product, I feel I need to include the info.  Once in a while, if your anything like me, you splurge on yourself occassionally.  This product is for one of those times.

Rescue Skin is a unique serum and moisturizer, unlike any other I’ve used.  The products are packaged in single use applications but, I’ve managed to use them each for two applications.  The serum is packages in a little square wrapper shaped like a vial.  my photo doesnt show this but, you can search and see the product line there.  The brand has a moistutizer packaged the same way.  Just tear off the top and squeeze  the product on a dry, cleansed face.  Use the remaining serum and moisturizer in the PM.  Each packet contains 0.6ml.  Powerful regenerative skin care technology.  Works by adapting to the specific needs of your skin.  I requested a sample so, head over to their website to request one for yourself.. I loved the silky feeling of this formula.

Rescue Skin helps with dry skin / redness / windburn / fine lines / firmness / thinning skin / scarring / dark spots / razor burn /  brightness /  stretch marks / puffiness / wrinkles / after sun.  Thats quite an array of ways to remedy troubled skin.  Rescue Skin is all natural, BPA, Paraben, Phthalate & Sulfate free.

You can purchase a 30 day supply but, like I mentioned, you can get TWO applications out of one packette.  That gives you a 60 day supply at $80.00.  I realize the cost is a bit higher than other products I mention in my blog but, I really feel the need to mention Rescue Skin because personally, I liked what I tried and I’m purchasing a 50/50 pack.  You’ll receive 15 packettes of serum and 15 packettes of moisturizer.  Thats a total of 30 packettes = 60 days. Or, you can purchase a 30 day supply of serum and/or a 30 day supply of moisturizer of both.  How to purchase is strictly up to you, your needs and budget. I was listening to another beauty blogger and she uses to 50/50 pack.  She incorporates Rescue Skin into her beauty regimen as needed.  Don’t forget to stop by and see if samples are being offered.  You can find Rescue Skin on Facebook.  As of now, Rescue Skin offers these two products only.  I’m not sure if they are expanding their product line.1479498627450911214189  The reps there are approachable and informative and will tell you, they appreciate you stopping by.

When you have troubled skin, can’t find a product that meets your needs, sometimes spending a tad bit more, will solve your skin woes..  You can stop throwing good money away, retiring jars and tubes of ineffective product down the drain and start using a product Rescue Skin Serum and Moisturizer and knowing you’ve spent your hard earn green backs on a product that delivers.  If you have any questions, feel free to comment and I’ll try to answer or, head over to the Team Reps at Rescue Skin on Facebook.  They will answer all your question without


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