My Favorite Beauty Box Subscription


The products in the above photo are from DEC. Birchbox. ¬†This month, my box has 7 products. ¬†I’m loving everyone of them too!! ¬† There are a little more than 2000 box subscriptions on the market today. ¬†Not every one of them are beauty box subscriptions but, there ARE a ton of them!! ¬†If you’ve never subscribed to a monthly box of any kind, you’re missing out on a “Treat Myself” time to pamper yourself. ¬†For $10.00 ¬†a month, Birchbox offers 5 high end samples each month. ¬†Sometimes, you might receive a deluxe sample which is still a sample but, a little bit larger size. ¬†Birchbox sends very good, high end samples ranging from skin care, hair care, cosmetics and once in a while, you might receive a beauty item tool like a compact mirror, a comb, a beauty blender!! ¬†yes! An original beauty blender is included in the exclusive, Radient Skin Care Kit. ¬†The kit is $22.00 but……the original Beauty Blender is worth $20.00. ¬†So, it’s like getting the other samples free. ¬†I purchase this kit as an add-on, to my Sept. 2016 monthly box. ¬†One of the samples is a Jane Iredale face primer. ¬†Also included is a Cargo bronzer/blush duo in a cute little tin. ¬†The other 3 samples are also in the radient skin care catagory. ¬†It’s been one of my favorite exclusive add-on kits. ¬†The add-ons are full size products you can shop for that are sent along with your monthly Birchbox and those items will ship for free. Your add-ons you choose, will be billed to you, on the first of the month so, if your low on funds but, you still want to shop, not to worry. ¬†Your add-ons won’t be billed to you the day you choose your add-on items. ¬†They are billed to your acct. on the 1st. along with your $10.00 subscription. ¬† It’s nice once a month to open the front door seeing my ¬†Birchbox sitting there! ¬†I’ll do a box reveal one of these days on this blog.

Each month, you have 3 ways to choose your samples. ¬†You’ll receive an e mail towards the end of the month. ¬†They have sample choice. ¬†You can pick, one of your five samples. ¬†Usually, there are 3 of those 5 samples listed and you pick one. ¬†The other 4 samples will be a surprise, based on your profile. ¬†The 2nd way to choose, is called a curated box. ¬†You’ll be shown all five samples and you’ll know exactly what you’ll be receiving. ¬†The 3rd way to choose your box is sit back, and do nothing. ¬†The Birchbox team will choose 5 high end samples based on your beauty profile and they always do a very good job. ¬†At least for me they have.

Birchbox monthly subscribers have benefits also. ¬†You’ll receive Birchbox points for every dollar spent in the Birchbox Shop. ¬†The points adds up as soon as you make a purchase. ¬†You can let them add up or spend them on your next purchase. ¬†Birchbox has an ACE program. ¬†Every year, when your points adds up to 400, ¬†you become an ACE. ¬†With perks like FREE SHIPPING, you’ll be alerted first to choose your sample box each month, and a few other little perks that arise throughout the year. ¬†Birchbox has giveaways too. ¬†I have to say, their customer service is pretty good. ¬†I’ve had a couple tiny issues pop up like a lipstick I ordered was missing. ¬†I contacted customer service and without question, a Birchbox rep. contacted me and told me she personally just shipped it out. ¬†You know, 3 days later, it was delivered FEDEX!! ¬†Now, thats great service.

I did a little investigating on other beauty box monthly subscriptions. ¬†I went to the sites, I visited their Facebook pages and read quite a few comments. ¬† I also looked into how the other ¬†beauty box subscriptions offer their customers a way to shop. ¬† Birchbox won, hands down! ¬†Here’s why. ¬†Birchbox shop offers SO many, well known, high end brands AND quite a few other brands that ARE high end but, still affordable. ¬†There are more brands to shop, verses a few other beauty box, shopping brands. ¬†Birchbox has brands like Keihls, Anastasia, Organic Pharmacy, ( which I love) Origins, GlamGlo, LOC, ¬†Kandar, the list of brands is extensive and I could go on and on forever listing them. ¬†Other ¬†beauty box subscriptions I checked out, didn’t have nearly the number of brands to shop. ¬†I read a few comments on another popular beauty box Facebook page saying, this box sends full size items each month. ¬†But…’re not always likely to be able to use, all the full size products, and that to me, is a waste. ¬†And, those boxes are slightly more expensive each month for that reason. ¬†Personally, I’d much rather fork out, $10.00 for 5 samples, if I love them, great, if not, no biggy. ¬†Give them away. ¬† Breaking it down, thats $2.00 ¬†a sample and some of those samples are valued at $5.00 to $8.00 ¬†depending on what you received. ¬†I’ve shopped the Birchbox shop, every month since I’ve been a subscriber. ¬†My samples have enlightened me to really good products, I probably wouldn’t have ever known about.

So, all in all, if I had to choose again, a monthly beauty box subscription, I’d still stay with Birchbox. ¬†If you have any questions, please comment below. ¬†I’ll be doing a box reveal very soon to show you what you can expect. ¬†In the meantime, I’ve included a link, for you to join. ¬†It’s easy to open a free acct. and fill out your profile. ¬†But, take your time filling it out because, your samples ARE ¬†based on your profile. ¬†I hope this review was helpful and informative. ¬†Also, visit Birchbox on Facebook.1480462596517318330000


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