Peter Thomas Roth Retinol Fushion PM

Peter Thomas Roth offers some of the very best skin care products on the market today.  And, keeping up with the best of them!  I recently added Peter Thomas Roth Retinol Fushion PM to my night skin care routine.  Pure and potent microencapsulated retinol 1.5% vitamin C & E, for all skin types.  Maximum results, minimal irritation. With a potent concentration of microencapsulated retinol at 1.5% helps to encourage your skins renewal process.  I can attest to that.  I’ve been using this product now for almost a month now, and my complexion has improved even more!  My complexion was improving after I added InstaNatural Vitamin C serum and InstaNatural Hyalutonic acid serum to my AM/PM routine.  I have decided to stop using my vitamin C at night though, because, I have read,  vitamin C deteriorates when combined with retinol unless the retinol is stablized.  But, not to worry. The vitamin C in this serum has been protected from deterioartion. Peter Thomas Roth retinol fushion PM is formulated with vitamin C & E, is moisturizing.  P.T.R. has figured out a way to combine the brightening and firming effects of vitamin C in this serum so it remains potent.  I’m smiling! 🙂   The appearance of fine lines and wrinkles will be reduced with prolonged use.  YAY!  I’ve noticed the fine lines in the corners,  heck, my crows feet!  have deminished.  The tone and texture of my skin has noticably improved.  My complexion has gotton so much better, I rarely use foundation any longer.   A 1 fl.oz of Peter Thomas Roth is $65.00.  I bought my bottle at ULTA and I’ve compared prices across several websites and at this time, the prices have been consistant.  I saved a few bucks by redeemimg some of my ULTA REWARD POINTS to soften the blow!  And, in return, ULTA rewarded my acct. with MORE reward points for the balance.  This formula is thin, like water.  But, believe me, it’s potent!  Clinical grade retinol for skin care without a perscription.   The blue glass bottle helps protect the retinol from deteriorating from lights.  The bottle has a glass dropper to help you measure out a tiny bit, and apply the serum, directly to your face.  I start on my forehead.  A little goes a long way.  Starting at my forehead, messaging the serum down around my temples, to my cheeks and chin.  A tiny bit, does my whole face.  A plunge the dropper back into the bottle, get a tiny bit more, to message my neck and decollatage.  Be very careful not to tip your bottle over.  The serum is thin as water and you’ll lose ALOT at once if it does tip over.  You must shake the bottle before use.  Women & men alike, of any age and skin type will benefit.  I recommend use to aid in acne, acne scars, scars of any kind, fine lines, wrinkles, rough texture.  You’ll begin to notice an improvment before you’ve finished a bottle.  I’ve used mine nightly, for 3 weeks and the serum is still visible, into the neck of the bottle.  Yes, it’s pricey.  My blog is suppose to help people on a budger choosing affordable skin care and beauty products but, because, Peter Thomas Roth retinol fushion PM is so effective, last quite some time, I find it’s worth the splurge.  I’ve yet to find anyother retinol product of this strength, (none stronger without a perscription) to give my complexion all these improvements.  Peter Thomas Roth also just came out with a Cloud Cream.  Containing hyaluronic acid and other great moisturizing ingredients.  I’ll be adding this product to my Spring skin care line up and reviewing it on this blog.1485471311900-1537502162


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