Peter Thomas Roth Rose Stem Cell Bio-Repair Gel Mask 🌹

🌹 With so many facial masks on the market today  how do you know, which ones are right for you?   First, you determine what is your skin telling you.  Are you acne prone?  Dry dull complexion?  Fine lines or wrinkles?  Or, heaven forbid, all of thee above, which is rare but, not uncommon.  Even mature skin have occassional breakouts.  In this review  I’ll start out with a lesser of the skin concerns to treat.  Lets start with a dry, dull complexion.  With fine line concerns, and without.  Which happens to be my number 1 concern, at the moment.  Winter is so hard on our skin, especially, if it’s already aging, mature skin.  You’ll be on the lookout for masks that contain hyaluronic acid serum as 1 of the main hydrating moistutizers and there most likey be other  moisturizing ingredients listed.  Look for the most hydrating and vitamin C & E which C will help brighten and rebuild collagene and E helps to clear and brighten your complexion also. Ingredients near the top of the list are the ones, the product has the most of, working your way down the list, to the ones that have less of, in the product.  But, that doesn’t mean you’ll get less effects from the lesser ingredients.  It may mean, that products has added them for added benefits but, the heavy hitters near the top are what the product is designed for.  For instance, if you’re looking to help build collagene, you’ll most likely see retinol and retinol like ingredients at the top and vitamins and other emoliants as the list progresses.  Masks generally don’t have a slew of ingredients that arent identifyable by people who are conscious of ingredients and read ingredient lists religiously.  Today, however, you have the internet to look up what ever ingredient you’re questioning. I’m not an en expert or dermatologist so, I won’t be giving ingredient lists, I know little about.  Just enough though, that what I do discuss here, are those I’m familiar with and can guide my readers to a better complexion or maintaining the complexion for their skins health.

🌹 I have a few brands I am passionate about and Peter Thomas Roths skin care line, now has it’s own thrown in my vanity!  I’ve researched the brands line and found quite a few that are already delivering as promised.  Peter Thomas Roth Rose 🌹 Stem Cell Bio•Repair Gel Mask is one of which is on that list.  The technology behind this dream mask claims cutting edge plant biotechnology isolates and replicates the perfect rose stem cell for maximum anti-aging.  I’ve only used it twice, since I purchase a jar and emmediatly after rinsing it off, noticed my complexion had a nice a glow and definately appeared more taught.  The fine lines on my forehead also appeared quite a bit fainter. I dont have deep wrinlkes, yet, so I’m not commenting about that.  The appearance of fine lines had dimished for 48 hours.  Even after cleansing my face with only water the next morning.  I noticed a sheen, where the mask was applied, and “dull skin'” where the mask edges were when I applied it, around the outter perimeter of my face.  It was odd but, a welcome effect.  My pores were also tighter and alot less visible.  Soft skin prevailed for days!  And, the scent, of roses is not overbearing.  Just very pleasant.  The gel formula is comforting, cooling (suggested to refrigorate for a more cooling sensation) and felt quite nice on my skin.  I actually didnt want to rinse it off!   The pamphletes details say, with state of the art 21st centurat breakthrough stem cell technology, five rose stem cells are blended with four rose extracts in a cooling gel for younger looking skin.  Helps improve the signs of aging, including signs of fine lines and wrinkles. (So, it IS effective on wrinkles! I have something to look forward to then)  dehydration, dullness and sagging skin as it strengthens and tones the look of skin.  See, it wasn’t my imagination!

🌹 My recommendations are for any age.  Don’t wait for that first fine line to creep up on your face.  Treating your skin to this luxourious, PETER THOMAS ROTH ROSE STEM CELL MASK, will make you want to use it again and again!  You can find Peter Thomas Roth Rose Stem Cell Mask at most cosmetic beauty stores and online for $52.00.  I bought the Peter Thomas Roth MASK-A-HOLIC – 5 PIECE KIT. $75.00 at ULTA.  20170203_122025 The jars in this kit are 50ml/1.7 oz.  The jars for $52.00  ARE larger but, I don’t have the information regarding ounces to post.  Shop Peter Thomas Roth in stores and online to purchase your Peter Thomas Roth Rose Stem Cell Bio•Technology Gel Mask🌹


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