Peter Thomas Roth☁Cloud Cream

I guess by now  the secrets out!  I’m really loving all Peter Thomas Roths NEW products I can get my hands on and if you haven’t added a jar of this Dream Cream to your skin care arsenal, well, hop to it!   Its selling out everywhere!  I can tell you that after using this Peter Thomas Roth ☁ DREAM CREAM for 1 week, my skin feels silky smooth and oh so hydrated!  This cloud cream attract 1000x moisture 💧 from the atmoshere around you.  The product claims, and I found it to be true, that the moisture in the air is attracted back to your skin keeping your skin hydrated for 72 hours!  We all cleanse at night (I hope you are!) but, even after cleansing, this gel cream formula has penetrated into the deepest layers of your dermis thanks to the micro-encapsulated technology.  With 30% hyalutonic serum, the key to good hydration, this product is packed with goodness!  You can find the PETER THOMAS ROTH ☁ CLOUD CREAM at for $52.00 / 48ml/1.6oz1486499590671-2131392368


moisture from the clouds ☁ gel cream


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