Peter Thomas Roth 24K Gold Mask

img_20170203_180547I have to admit, I’m a visual creature! ¬†Cosmetic brands, skin care brands alike know that when a product looks visually appealing, it’s the first thing that draws us in. ¬†Tempting us to pick up the package, inspect it’s¬†label and view the contents. ¬†Are you the type of shopper that picks up products, quickly decides whether you need it, want it, AND THEN look at the price! ¬† Visual appeal is what keeps us looking in that direction. ¬†The best looking wins the race and then we read the label and what the product claims are. ¬† And, wth Peter Thomas Roths’ products, you’ll be drawn in every time! ¬†Not only is ¬†this brand good looking, visually, the preformance of each product is effective in a short time! ¬†Today, we all want instant gratification and we want long term results too. ¬†Peter Thomas Roth products offer you the best of both worlds. ¬†The Mask-A-Holic, 5 piece kit contains a 24K¬†Gold¬†Mask that is first, hypmotizing! ¬†Just look at it..A luxurious gel anti-aging treatment, infused with PURE 24K Gold¬†and Colloidal Gold¬†to help lift and firm skin and give your skin and illuminating glow! ¬† Caffeine helps tighten and firm the appearance of your skin. ¬†There is¬†Peridot,¬† a rare gemstone rich in¬†Magnesium¬†to help re-energize and reduce the aging effects brought on by stress. ¬†Hyaluronic Acid & Glycerin¬†deliver intense hydration, plumping your skin for a more lifted appearance. ¬†Peter Thomas Roth 23K Gold Mask¬†is a luxurious treatment to help reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles and a firmer, smoother and radient glow to your skin. ¬†You’ll look revitalized and have a more youthful looking complexion!

I wanted to use the 24K Gold¬†mask FIRST out of this 5 piece Mask-A-Holic Kit but, decided to use the¬†Pumpkin Enzyme Mask¬†first to help exfoliate. ¬†Exfoliating rids your skin of dead skin cells allowing deeper penetration of other skin care products. ¬†And, I didn’t want to lose an¬†OZ¬†of the precious 24K Gold¬†and other great skin care ingredients in my treatment. I left it on for the recommended 5 to 10 minutes, leaning mord towards 10, (maybe a bit longer!) ¬†After rinsing it off, my skin did feel softer, and it left a nice radient glow! ¬†The fine lines on my forehead appeared softer. ¬†Returning the next day but, with continued use, 2 to 3 times a week, ¬†you’ll notice your fine lines appearing less visible.

It’s no secret, I’m a hugh fan of Peter Thomas Roth skin care line. ¬†I’ve never been disappointed with any of the products from this line. ¬†I’ve been using them now for about 2 months and I have to say, my complexion has improved greatly! ¬†The 24K Gold¬†Mask can be bought separatly, for $80.00 50ml/7.5 oz, $58.00 1.7 oz or $16.00 for a travel size. ¬†All jars. ¬†You can purchase any of these size jars by following this link to Peter Thomas Roth online store and also shop the brands other exclusive skin care products and more. Also #peterthomasroth is on Facebook and Instagram.


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