Peter Thomas Roth Rose Stem Cell Bio-Repair Gel Mask 🌹

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🌹 With so many facial masks on the market today  how do you know, which ones are right for you?   First, you determine what is your skin telling you.  Are you acne prone?  Dry dull complexion?  Fine lines or wrinkles?  Or, heaven forbid, all of thee above, which is rare but, not uncommon.  Even mature skin have occassional breakouts.  In this review  I’ll start out with a lesser of the skin concerns to treat.  Lets start with a dry, dull complexion.  With fine line concerns, and without.  Which happens to be my number 1 concern, at the moment.  Winter is so hard on our skin, especially, if it’s already aging, mature skin.  You’ll be on the lookout for masks that contain hyaluronic acid serum as 1 of the main hydrating moistutizers and there most likey be other  moisturizing ingredients listed.  Look for the most hydrating and vitamin C &…

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