If you haven’t had the opportunity to familiarize yourself with BH COSMETICS, I’m about to introduce to you, a Beauty Mavins best kept secret but, the cats about to be released from the bag.  My recent purchase of the Studio Pro Duel Effect Wet/Dry Eye Shadow Palette has an impressive array of 15 shimmer colors.  Ranging from rose, golds, coppers, deep purples, pale peach, to tans and deeper browns.  The eye shadows are so richly pigmented and apply dust free with zero kick up.  Applied wet and you’ve got a superior shimmer to no other eye shadow palette in your collection.  Believe me, when I tell you, I reach for this palette over any of my high end palette, that speaks volumes!  At $14.00 , yeah, thats not a typ-o you will be pleasantly surprised with the high quality of these eye shadows.  If you act now, 2/25/17, you’ll snag one for $9.99 and shipping is quick, packages are packed tightly so your products won’t get damaged.  My products were packed tightly.  My order arrived within 3 days of placing my order.  There is a nice assortment of eye shadow palettes with baked eye shadows also that are swirled with out of this world bright bold colors.  Or, if you’re into a more softer look, try the Carli Bybel-14 color palette with highlighter and bronzers for $14.50.

BH COSMETICS has daily deal, which I call steals, with even better savings!  If you can believe lower prices than are already being offered!  You’ll have to check them out yourself.  There are so many other great products at great prices.  Highlighter palettes that compare to any other quality you find online or in stores.  Liquud lipsticks and matts with quality the same as any beauty store around.  I’ve included a photo of my recent purchase.  The Studio Pro Duel Effect Wet/Dry Eye Shadow Palette.  I also ordered a liquid lipstick in Sweet Almond, a pretty medium nude pink. And the round tin.  Its a dry brush cleaning tool to clean your brushes as your applying your make up so you dont have to keep wetting them.  Its a dry spongy type material and works great!  $8.00 on the site.  Its called Quick Clean Brush Cleaner.  Hurry though, these sales have been going on and theres still more sales in store along with daily deals.  The Galaxy Chic Baked Eye Shadow Palette is going for $11.99 right now.  Thats 30% off regular price.  18 baked, marbled eye shadows, richly pigments and applies smooth. How bout an Urban Lux 99 color eye shadow palette for $11.99.  I know what you’re thinking.  How good can they be for these prices..   Believe me.  They are that GOOD!  OR, Take Me To Brazil eye shadow palette of 28 cool tone bright colors $19.50, regular price $27.99,         img_20170221_163456_691plus a FREE, 10 piece make up brush set.  And its nice!  I received a 4 color, Foil Eyes Eye palette with mt $20.00 purchase.  Check out BH COSMETICS NOW!


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