Shop Online At Perfectly Posh For your All Natural Grooming Essentials

I have a friend, that has a website offering some of THE BEST ALL NATURAL beauty and grooming essentials.  All her products are all natural, paraben free, sulfate free,  no fillerd, are not tested on animals, 🐇🐰 AND made in the USA!  Her line offers IndiGo Girl Body  Butters $22.00,  Whipped Body Butter,  Beach Hair-Don’t Care sea spray $16.00, hand creams, in shower lotions $20.00,  Beach Blanket Body Scrub, $24.00.  She has these huge lip balms that are like none other, I’ve ever seen.  (See Image) in an assortmant of flavors.  The image below is Citrus 🍋

Kiss Caffeinated ☕ Lip Balm at  $5.00 each, or save on a bundle.  Pass them around to friends at the beach this Summer!! They are larger than your regular size lip balms.  Just the right size, they dont get lost in the bottom of your purse.  Easy to slide in a back pocket.  They are about the length of TWO regular size lip balms.  She has a nice assortmant of all natural beauty and grooming essentials.  She is also on @instagram.  Take a few minutes and look around her store.  I think you might be surprised to see so many all natural products for you and your family.  Kids safe too!  Oh!  I forgot to mention these cute Snarky Bars!  You use them in the shower to exfoliate. $16.00  and come in an array of wonderful beachy scents.  Absolute Passionate Coconut Oil.  🌴   $16.00.  Lip Oils in Preach Peach 🍑 I believe you can find scents like refreshing Watermelon also!  🍉 and Pineapple!  🍍 know you’ll like what you see and she has other offere for those of you that might be interested in hosting a party! WHOO-WHOO!  🎉


4 thoughts on “Shop Online At Perfectly Posh For your All Natural Grooming Essentials

    • beautyonabudget634 says:

      You’re very welcome Jamie, I feel, it doesn’t hurt to help each other out. Your store has alot of nicd products. I was making a mental note of what I’d like. I really have my eye on this cute lio balms! I’ll post another article next week and keep it current. Im happy you like the article. I also hope youbstop back periodically and read more about skin care! I try to keep things uo beat. Skin care is interesting to some of us but, gathering followers on skin care blogs is tough! I dont need to remind you of that. I hope more and more people realize their skin needs to be healthy and when it is, it looks great and cosmetics looks so much nicer! Thnx for stopping by!


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