Perfectly Post Product Review

So, yesterday, I said I would be reviewing a few products from the Perfectly Posh product line.  All natural beauty and grooming products that are, quite frankly, POSH!

The first product I used is the body exfoliator, Black Listed.  Black Listed Body Scrub The gel like formula is thick and lathers up slightly with tiny exfoliating granuals of sugar and a big larger granuals.  The scent is amazing of light musk, Blackberry & Vanilla.  Hydrating Honey, milk and blackberries.  The larger granuals may be blackberry seeds.  Im not quite sure but, they were far and few between but, enough, I could feel them exfoliating my skin.  Blackberries are loaded with vitamin A & C so, you’ll be doing your skin an added benefit.  Im quite pleased with the Black Listed Body Scrub.

I next used the Hand Cream  Paper Moon Big Fat Yummy Hand Cream which sells for $9.00. Paper Moon is a light weight hand cream with Apricot Oil,  Coconut Oil and Aloe Vera.  Who doesn’t love Aloe Vera on your skin!   Leaving a nice scent behind of Strawberry, Citrus, Kiwi and a hint of Musk.  I think whats making me really love these 2 products is the unique added Musk scent.  Along with the light scents of fruit, its totally unexpected but, oh, so nice!   Paper Moon hand cream and will not leave your hands greasy feeling afterwards.  Absorbs nicely.

You can use the links provided, next to each product description, to quick shop these products.  Tomorrow, I’ll be reviewing another product from the Perfectly Posh All Natural beauty line.  (Product shown in image are actual size. I dont have product info per oz. You should be able to find that info on the Perfectly Posh website.


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