Sorion Herbal Cream

Sorion cream is magic.  All natural moisturizing cream that has a unique blend of Coconut Oil and exotic herbs like Neem, Termeric, Indian Maddar, and Sweet Indrajao.  This formula is based upon an ancient indian tradition that spans 5000 years.  This new skin cream Sorion Natural Moisturizing Cream  $16.99 for 50 grams or $3.99 for 10 grams,  0.35 oz.  is an original mixture of effective ingredients for dry, itchy, flaky and scaly skin.

From my own personal experience using Sorion Natural Moisturizing Cream, was a God send to me.  A few weeks before I was aware of this cream, the back of my head was itchy.  Never before had I EVER felt like the itching would never be satisfied.  I scratched it until I thought I made my scalp bleed.  Im blaming this on severly dry weather and my aging skin.  Or, could it be more serious?  Like Psoriasis, or Dermatitis.  Either way, I needed a cure!  I tried a popular Vitamin E Oil, with alot of hope, that would end my misery.  Now, I understand why folks with Psoriasis, feel hopeless in their search for a cure.  Or relief!  I just happen to come across Sorion, on Facebook, offering samples.  The requurements were to comment under their post, with the #psoriasis and why you thought you needed to try a sample.  Or email Sorion, with “psoriasis”  in the subject line and a note why you would like a sample.  Sorion wasted no time sending me a 10 gram tube.  I did apply the cream to the dry, itchy part of my scalp and by the next day, the itching stopped.  I wasn’t diagnosed with Psoiasis but, from researching it, I COULD be developing it.  Because my sample was a cream, I had no choice but to use it on my scalp but, it was worth it!!  Sorion offers a shampoo also so, if you decide to request a sample, or just want to try the shampoo, take my word for it.  This product is magic!  It does have Neem oil in it.  Could be the magic.  I don’t know.  Im going to purchase the shampoo because I don’t ever want to go through that uncontrolable itching scalp problem again!  Sorion is on Facebook.  You can shop for their all natural, affordable line there, or, just use the direct link, above, Sorion Natural Moisturizing Cream.


My disclaimer:  I received a sample of Sorion Cream from Sorion for Free but, these words are my own as my experience using the product.  I am in no way affiliated with Sorion other than my experience using the free sample.  My opinions are not bias.  I truely do feel this product is effective as I have stated.IMG_20170307_193512_244


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