Product Review-Perfectly-Posh Dive In Chunck Bar Soap. More Than Just Soap!

As I’ve been saying in past reviews about the Perfectly Posh Beauty and grooming all natural product line, I’m continually impressed with the products, time and time again!  I’ve had the indulgent pleasure, to try several Perfectly Posh products, and the line just gets more and more appealing to me, with every product I use.  I’m currently using an every day item, you may not think interesting but, let me tell you, bar soap, is just bar soap but, Dive-In Chunk Bar Soap  will take your senses to another land!  Dive-In has nourishing Algae extract, Argon Oil, Kaolin, Glycerin and Rain Forest-Alliance, Palm Oil.  With scents of sea spray and fruity florals, and one scent that this line is regularly adding to their products, that keeps drawing me in.  Musky Amber!  Dive-In Chunk Bar is so emollient, you’ll forget, you’re bathing with bar soap.  This all natural soap is so good and nourishing to your skin, you won’t find anything like it, on your grociers shelves.  Where consumers usually buy bath soaps and body washes.  Dive-In Chunk Bar, is comparable to your moisturizing body wash.  It lathered up nicely with s loofa, and has tiny granuals, to help naturally exfoliate as you bath.  This scent, reminds me of a tropical vacation, where you smell the sea and all the beach smells that fill the sea air!  My skin felt really soft and moisturized after using Dive-In Chunk Bar $9.00 ea.  Buy 5 and receive a 6th one Free.

Perfectly Posh is having a one day sale.  Head over to Pefectly Posh on Facebook on MARCH 17th, 2017, to see some really fantastic deals.  These products are perfect for any age but, I’m seeing a teen, really get into this line. With the product line, being all natural, and rich oils and mind blowing scents, no chemicals or Parabens or Sulfates.  Your mind will be at ease, knowing your family is using safe beauty and grooming products.  Jamie McKay, beauty consultant, is always available to answer any questions you have.  Instagram @perfectly_posh and Facebook.  CH1434-1You can shop the product line for all natural, wonderfully scented shampoos, Hair Masks, lotions, exfoliators, Face Masks, and one face mask called Envy This Face Mask $20.00, that in my experience, feels just like Mario Badescu Revitalizing Enzyme Mask.  and you can find my review for Envy This on the beauty on a budget blog page.  Hurry, though, this sale, is only through March 17th.


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