Vitamin Sea / Sea Salt Shampoo At Perfectly Posh

I’ve been trying the Perfectly Posh all natural skin care line and really loving each product Ive used.  To date, I have used 6 products and have reviewed each one on this blog.  My last experience with this unique all natural line, and, it is truely unique, was the Vitamin Sea, Sea Salt Shampoo.  Salt in a shampoo?  Believe me, when I tell you, its an amazing addition to my hair care routine!  This unique all natural shampoo has added sea salt to purify your scalp and add bounce and volume to your strands!  With a Coconut Oil base and Chamomile extract, you’ll notice a big difference on how soft and tame your hair will be.  And, guarantee, sulfate free!  The amazing  floral scent will remind you of that tropical vacation you keep dreaming about or the one you’re planning!  Take along this refreshing Vitamin Sea / Sea Salt Shampoo   $23.00  you can really feel like your pampering yourself.  Or, purchase it now and just believe you’re on your dream vacation!  I used this shampoo earlier today and the fresh scent is still lingering.  My hair is full and so soft!  The notes behind this floral scented shampoo is that soft musk scent thats in every Perfecytly Posh product that I’ve used.  Its so refreshing!

I went on to use the Perfectly Posh Off Shore Restore Conditioner & Hair Mask $23.00 .  With Honey, Rice, protein Shea Butter and a variety of replenishing oils in this deep conditioning hair mask to restore dry damaged hair with moisture and shine!  I left the conditioner in my hair and covered my head with a cap for about 20 minutes, rinsed my hair and I’m left with beautiful shiney, healthy strands.  The formula in this deep conditioner is top notch, high end quality.  I’m sure if you head over to Perfectly Posh by Jamie McKay and on Facebook, Jamie will set you up with a sample.  Thats how I became a fan of this all natural unique brand. Going natural with Perfectly Posh is a wise choice for your hair and skin care beauty needs.  These products make great gifts, for anybody on your gift giving list.

Great products also to get your teen use to using all natural products.  The packaging is fun and quirky and any young lady or gent would really enjoy using.  There is an array of facial skin care products too.  I’m anxious to try myself.  I have tried the Envy This face mask, and really liked it.  I did a review a few weeks ago and if you want to read about my findings and experience using it, you can find it in this blog.


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