ūüĒ¨ What Started Out as Research for Medical Diseases Evolved into One of the Biggest Breakthroughs in Cosmetic Technology – LifeLine Stem Cell Skin Care‚ôč

First, I’d like to thank you for taking the time to read this and familarize yourself with LifeLine Skin Care. ¬†By the end of this review, I hope you’ll have a better understanding behind this technology. ¬†I know I did after trying a few samples, really loving the products, checking out LifeLines Social Media platforms and discovering much more than just what I originally thought, was just skin care products.

It all started when I requested a sample. ¬†You can also request a 4 pack sample for a tiny fee. ¬†$4.00 but, the best $4.00 I ever spent! ¬†I request alot of samples from skin care brands and I purchase more than my share but, am not happy when a product doesnt impress me due to either, not using the product long enough because of sample size or, the product just wasnt bringing me results after months and months of use. ¬†I didn’t have those feelings when I started using my ¬†LifeLine Stem Cell Skin Care Sample¬†. ¬†When I start a new skin care regimen, I have to take into consideration, the other products I’m currrntly using. ¬†Like 1.5% Retinol (Vitamin A) ¬†Tocopheryl (Vitamin C) Glycolic and Lactic Acids. ¬†Although, when I started using LifeLine Stem Cell Skin Care products, I found they got along well with my other skin care products. ¬†I use retinol a few times a week and Vitamin C during the day, 7 days a week. I use a 25% glycolic medical grade peel every 3 weeks and a Lactic Acid night time serum on alternate nights of my Retinol. ¬†Why am I telling you this? ¬†Its important to understand, that sometimes, people will layer on products that in laymen terms, DO NOT GET ALONG! ¬† My regular skin care regimen works in great tandem with LifeLine Stem Cell Skin Care products.

Lets get into the bones er, um science and technology behind ¬†LifeLine Human Stem Cell Skin Care. ¬†And, NO! ¬†That’s not a Typ-O. ¬†As its told by LifeLine, as we age, the body’s supply of stem cells diminishes. ¬†LifeLine Stem Cell Skin Care is based on the same stem cells that are active early in life, to help renew and rejuvinate sun-damaged skin. ¬†As stem cells proliferate, they can yield millions of new, healthy skin cells, creating and sustaining self-renewal. ¬†Peptides from human stem cells help promote skin rejuvination. ¬†They support the formation of collagen and elastin fibers which make skin appear soft and radiant. ¬† Ok, so, have I grabbed your attention so far? ¬† Peptides and messaging molecules reactivate dormant cells and promote tissue repair (lines and wrinkles) ( And, I’m not gling down without a fight!) and rejuvinate. ¬†I’ve always been a science and tech geeks since I was a teen ager so, this technology just spurse me on to learn more! I’d like to inform you, before I go on, that the human stem cells used in LifeLines are from NON EMBRYONIC HUMAN STEM CELLS. ¬† Ok, so, we have any misconceptions or doubts cleared up, let’s move on…….

Bio active Peptides are encapsulated in a lipid bi-layer to maintain their potency and enhance skin penetration. ¬†I’m using a retinol product, from another well known brand that is also ¬†using a micro-encapsulated form of delivery, for the heavy hitting ingredient in their product, through the means of encapsulating the ingredient in lipids to ensure the potency remains as effective upon cell contact, thats intended. ¬†Lipids are a form of Squalane. ¬†Squalane? ¬†You’re born with these fats and as you age, as early as your late teens, early 20’s, you’ve already started losing a significant amount. ¬†I’m not throwing uneducated numbers out to you but, it could be around, or close to 20% lose. ¬†This is a big part of why its imporant for skin care products to understand and use microencapsulated ingedients in their products. ¬†I’ve actually been preping my skin after cleansing with a face oil thats derived solely from Squalane. ¬†Other face oils with fancy ingredients aren’t in my skin care arsenal because, I’m getting those ingredients from my other products. ¬†I’m most concerned about making sure, my skin is well hydrated with what nature intended, so my products are better accepted and travel deeper. ¬†I’ve written a short review about my favorite face oil and you’ll find it in this blog.

Want to talk numbers? ¬† From an independent clinical study proved 93% improvement in skin hydration. ¬†I could be part of this percentage because since I started using¬†LifeLine Daily Defence Complex¬†my skin has become super soft. ¬†My skin hasn’t been this soft since my child baring years. ¬†Remember those months, carrying your pregnancy, how soft your skin was? ¬†Well, thats what I’m talking about. ¬†I was sitting around watching T.V. (a rarity for me) and was touching my neck, and collar bone and right away it hit me. ¬†How soft my skin is! ¬†I’m 56 and well past my child bearing years so, I know it isn’t that! ¬†Almost a Thank God Moment! Not that I didnt enjoy those years. ¬†Just, not at my age and please, not now! ¬†My skins new texture IS most definately from using LifeLine Stem Cell Daily Defense Complex. ¬†No doubt in my mind! ¬†I’m also using the LifeLine¬†Recovery Night Moisture Serum¬†which was the sample product that drew me in to purchase the¬†LifeLine Deluxe Mini Collection¬†which are the three products I’ve mentioned.

I’ve had a noticable difference within the past few days, of how the skin above my eye, has become firmer. ¬†Like women of my age, hooded eyes, are a concern, and not only for reasons of vanity, the heavy folded skin that hoods your eyes, will actually block a portion of your periferial vision. ¬†(Think about safty in driving or missing something from the corner of your eye which is kind of a gift! ¬†Well, um we all say occassionally, “I caught a glimps from the corner of my eye! ūüĎÄ” ¬†Think about that! ¬†Losing periferial vision would be a great loss! ¬†It’s never too late to do something about it. ¬†I’m super excited about this Human Stem Cell Technology that I’ve proved to myself, it’s well worth the effort and money, to splurge on myself, when a product delivers what it promises. ¬† I’ve also noticed, the fine lines around my neck are looking deminished also. ¬†Crows feet, I don’t have deep crows feet but, I am seeing a noticable difference in depth of them. ¬†I’m so excited to be using a product with Human Stem Cells in the products. ¬†I feel more up to date with todays skin care products available to me! ¬†I feel, I’ll be a LifeLong Skin Care customer with Lifeline Skin Care. ¬† You better get on board while LifeLine is offering discounts. ¬†Check them out on instagram @lifelineskincare. ¬† LifeLine on Facebook has several links you can use to read about the Human Stem Cell technology, why it’s important in skin care and how it’s developed. ¬†If you’re a science geek, like myself, if anything, you’ll find this research interesting. ¬†As LifeLine put it so gracefully, we are not plants! ¬†We are HUMAN! So, why put plant stem cells into our skin care regimen and expect great things to happen?! ¬†In science, LIKE ATTRACTS, LIKE. (You’ll get that in chemisrty 101, which myself, ¬†did well in.. ¬†Thank you!

Before I close, Lifeline is offering you a $50.00 savings on gift sets and collections until April 30th 2017, use promo code SPRING at checkout. ¬†And, don’t forget, you can request a 4 pack sample pack for a $4.00 shipping fee, which I highly recommend. ¬†You won’t regret spending those $4.00 nor miss them but, you will miss out on trying the LifeLine Stem Cell sample pack if you don’t. ¬†It’s a nice, well put together sample pack with lots of information and to me is so worth it. ¬†I’ve included a photo of the sample pack because, thats what drew me in to make a purchase. ¬†The actual sample pack are missing in the photo because, I used them! ¬†But, what you’ll receive are a firming eye cream, Daily Defense Complex, ¬†Recovery Night Moisture Serum, and Neck Firming Complex. ¬†The sample packs have enough product in them to allow you to use them for 2 or 3 days/nights. ¬†Just fold the top over after each use to preserve the product and you will be able to get enough applications to see how good these products preform. ¬†With continued use, you’ll see noticable improvement in the texture of your skin and visibly deminished fine lines. ¬†You can take baby steps and start by ordering the Deluxe Mini Collection. ¬†That’s where I started and have no regrets!

LifeLines research doesn’t stop at skin care, No sirie! ¬†They are doing research to help in a cure for Parkensons disease. ¬†Thats where LifeLine really evolved from. ¬†What started out as research for ¬†medical diseases, evolved into one of the biggest breakthroughs in cosmetic technology – pluripotent peptides harnessed from non-embryonic human stem cells. ¬†Don’t forget to stop by LifeLine Stem Cell Skin Care on Facebook. ¬†They are having a giveaway and you do not want to miss out on a chance to win a LifeLine Skin Care product.


Deluxe Mini Collection


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