Microneedle Tool – How To and After Care – And Having Great Results

I started Microneedling about 2 weeks ago. ¬†I aproached this system with caution because, I just didn’t know much about it but, there really isn’t much to it. ¬†I was helping someone with her new skin care regimen and as we were taking, she surprised me, that she was using a microneedle tool. ¬†I told her, it didn’t seem like she needed my help but, the other way around! ¬†She sent me a photo of her tool and it didn’t seem as scarey anymore. ¬†I researched a few websites to see what the prices would be. ¬†The price ranges vary but, be prepared to spend around $80.00 for a descent one. ¬†You’ll also see needle depth variations. ¬†The ORA brand I bought, and in this photo has a depth of 0.25 mm and the roller is made of 540 Stainless Steal needles. ¬†The roller head will serve you with many treatments. I believe you may need to replace the roller ever now and then but, you should get alot of treatments with ¬†just one, and pay attention down the road, to feel if the needles are still sharp enough to penetrate your skin. ¬† I just got mine a few weeks ago and been doing 2 treatments a week. ¬†The device is pain free. ¬†Just apply gentle pressure. ¬†You can use it on your face AND body. ¬†I’m using mine on my face, neck and decollatage. ¬†The needles stimulate Collagen and Elastin production which help with firmer and healthier skin and help reduce the signs of aging. ¬†Helps reduce the look of fine lines, wrinkles, scars, and stretch marks on your face and body. ¬†Also, helps smooth uneven ¬†skin, texture, and color. ¬†And, best of all and the main reason I’m using one is for better absorption and penetration of skin care products. ¬†You can even use the device on your head to stimulate and maintain healthy hair growth. ¬†The roller comes in a protective storage case and it’s highly recommended to clean the roller head ¬†with alcohol after each use. ¬†I just lightly pour alcohol over the roller. ¬†The alcohol evaporates quickly. ¬†It’s recommended to sterilize with alcohol before your first use. ¬†Do not force the roller into the skin. ¬†Simply use gentle, even pressure. ¬†You’ll want to roll back and fourth, with the same intensity on the same treatment area about 5 to 10 times in each of four directions, horizontally, vertically and diagonally until you’ve covered all areas you wish to treat. ¬†I’ve noticed on boney areas such as your forehead, eye brow and collar bone you’ll want to ease up on the pressure. ¬†Those areas will be more sensitve. ¬†After your treatment, apply your essence, serums and moisturizers as you normally do. ¬†Try not to do any glycolic or lactic acid peels prior to microneedling. ¬†Your skin will feel slightly irritated and thats normal but, your skin should not be left feeling painfully uncomfortable. ¬†If it does, then you applied too much pressure. ¬†Wait a few days until you treat the areas again, giving your skin time to bounce back. ¬†There is zero down time with microneedling but, you’ll definately want to use a cooling, soothing mask or serum right after treatment. ¬†I’ll be discussing after care products shortly. ¬†But, first, I want to put a word of caution out there. ¬†Never, ever share your ¬†microneedle tool with anyone. ¬†Should you start to feel or see more than a slight irritation to your treated area, discontinue use and seek medical attention or see a skin specialist before continuing. ¬†But, I’ll just let you know now, you probaby won’t have the need to seek medical attention as the needles are so very tiny and, you know your skins temperments ¬†before treatment so just be wise and adhear to the brands warnings. ¬†You can also go to http://www.beautyora.com for more information. ¬†I don’t have issues with my skin other than areas where I’ve lost some pigment and I just ease up on the pressure in those areas. ¬†If you suffer from acne, acute or mild, you can still safely microneedle. ¬†Just be gentle when rolling over those areas. ¬†You’ll get use to using the tool very quickly and learn how much pressure you need. ¬†Microneedling is actually great for treating acne. ¬†As you’re opening up the skin allowing better penetration and absorbtion for your acne treating products. ¬†Not to change the subject but, a new, really effective product is out that treats acne really, really well. ¬†It use to be by perscription but, is now an OTC. ¬†The product is called Differin, cleanser, moisturizer and a gel amonst other Differin products for your acne curing needs. ¬†From what I’ve been reading, this product is highly effective on treating acne, safe and affordable. ¬†If you’ve already used Differin, comment below and share your thoughts and experience. ¬†I’d love to hear from you and maybe I’ll feature you in another relatable article.

Before I close out this article, I want to discuss after care for microneedle treatments. ¬†They are only suggestions but, I think you’ll find them soothing and effective as I have. ¬†After your treatment, you may feel a very slight burning or stinging. ¬†Its perfectly normal to feel this after effect, slightly. ¬†Use a cooling mask such as Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Gel Mask. ¬†The cooling Cucumber will really sooth and cool down any slight discomfort you might feel. ¬†Or, find a cooling mask of your choice with Aloe. ¬†I’m using Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Gel Mask. ¬†I’ ve used sheet masks with cooling ingredients as well. ¬†Once your skin has calmed down ¬†you’re ready to apply your essence, if you use one, or, a facial oil. ¬†Two good ones that I’m using are Peter Thomas Roth 100% Squalane Oil. ¬†You can find it on the brands website http://www.peterthomasroth.com . ¬†Or Biossance Squalane Revitalizing Oil or, the brands Squalane Nourishing Oil. ¬†Both are very good and will not only prep your skin but, give your complexion a beautiful, lit within glow!

find Biossance oil samples on the brands website. ¬†They only ask you to pay a small shipping fee of $4.00 but, it will be money worth spending. ¬†You’ll receive 2 frosted glass bottle samples with glass droppers in boxes and will last you anywhere from 3 to 4 weeks. ¬†Depending on how many times a day you apply the oil. ¬†I used the revitalizing oil in the AM and the nourishing oil in the PM. ¬†Word of advice. ¬†Because water and oil don’t mix, you’ll have better results always applying your oil based products first and your water based products on top. ¬†Your skin has natural oils in it anyway and youre simply adding back to your skin, what you’ve lost naturally over time. ¬† It’s important to use a Squalane Oil because, by the time you’re in your early 20’s, you’ve already lost alot of this natural oils in your skin. ¬†These are Lipids and are healthy fatty oils. ¬†These are oils that don’t typically cause ¬†acne. ¬†Dirt build up in your pores and under the skin mixed with your natural oils CAN cause bacteria that does cause acne. ¬†If you’re properly cleansing your skin at night and in the morning, you should be able to control mild breakouts. ¬†Never over cleanse. ¬†You need a balance so your good bacteria can fight the bad. ¬†If your not too acne prone, or not at all, it’s perfectly ok to cleanse with water only in the AM if you’re only washing off moisturizers from the night before. ¬†If you’re using a retinol at night, you WILL need to cleanse in the AM with a mild cream cleanser. ¬†You can find links in my blog on other skin care concerns, treatments or regimens. ¬†Your skin uses it’s lipids as a barrier to moisture loss. ¬†You’ll want to apply 3 to 4 drops, patted evenly onto your face, neck and decollatage. ¬†This will hydrate your skin and prepare it to receive and easily absorb your serums and moisturizers, allowing them to seep, or absorb deeper into the epidermis.

Along with microneedling, your skin will be healthier because it’s able to use the ingredients in your skin care products where they do their besy work! ¬†Deep and repairing skin cells, rebuilding skin cells and an overall healthy glow! ¬†Again, if you use a Glycolic Acid or a Lactic Acid, it is safe to use after a microneedle ¬†treatment, but, the acids in those products will pentrate deeper, just like all other products after microneedling do. ¬† You may be more sensitive to the burning and stinging with these types of peels if you decide to do a peel after a micrneedling treatment. ¬†If you feel you can handle it and don’t suffer and adverse effects, go for it! Just stop! ¬†If you start to feel you’re causing more damage than good.

Finally, you’ve reached the end of your microneedle treatment. ¬†The best part! ¬†Your heavy hitters, the star of the show! ¬†Vitamins C, (which I use but, not with retinols, they don’t play well together.) ¬†If you’re doing your treatment at night, as I do, I use Peter Thomas Roth Retinol Fushion PM serum and eye cream 3 nights a week. ¬†I’ve recently written a review on a new skin care trio, I’m super passionate about and noticing visible results with firmness and my complexions clarity. ¬†I’m taking about LifeLine Stem Cell skin care. ¬†I’m using the Deluxe Mini Trio day cream, night cream and eye cream. ¬†All three have non embryonic Human Stem Cells in the products. ¬†Helps to repair and rebuild skin cells for anti-aging. ¬†I wrote a detailed, in depth review on LifeLine Skin Care. ¬†You really should take the time to read the review. ¬†I’m a fan for life! ¬†In the review, I touched on microneedling and a warming eye messaging tool to help with the absorption of your eye creams. ¬†The Massaging Eye Wand is an Elf Cosmetics tool. ¬†$25.00 well spent! ¬† You can find it at http://www.elfcosmetics.com1493249198168-1715365280

Well, that about wraps up your first lesson on Microneedling. ¬†I hope you got alot out of this article and try microneedling for yourself. ¬†I will add, I am interested already in upping the anti and needle depth. ¬†Not that 540 needles at 0.25 mm depth isn’t enough, I want to be prepared when I feel I can increase the needle depth. ¬†A brand I have my eye on is Stacked Skin Care. ¬†I’ve seen them on Amazon. ¬†I went directly to http://www.stackedskincare.com so I could sign up for their emails. ¬†They offer discounts at times and Stacked Skin Care is some what pricerier than the ORA microneedle tool I bought on Zulily.com. ¬†I got a great discount there. ¬†You can search on Zulily by typing microneedle tool or device in the search bar. ¬†If Zulily has any in their warehouse, you’ll receive a great discount as well. ¬†I got my ORA for just under $30.00. ¬† The regular price was around $80.00. ¬† Please adhere to my precautions and recommendations on microneeding.

Please, don’t forget to follow my blog, hit like and please share this article. ¬†I appreciate and depend on my readers to help spread the word on great skin care ideas and brands.





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