Ananda Cole Live on Facebook Tuesday May 9th at 8:00pm est

For all you Beauty Mavins and your love of cosmetics  Amanda Cole with Youniques Cosmetics will be live on Facebook May 9th at 8:00pm est.  She will b there to answer any questions you may have and you’ll have a rare opportunity to view Youniques latest cosmetics.  From what I’m hearing, she will be offering a 4 piece set of Youniques Concealer, Foundation, Primer and forgive me but, the 4th piece, well, you’ll just have to join us live Tuesday May 9th at 8:00pm est to find out the 4th piece for $99.00.

Looking ahead, you can find Amanda Cole @amandacole87 on instagram, and follow this link to her Youniques Cosmetics on Facebook.  I’d hate to see you miss out on this live event.  Amanda will be offering you an opportunity to host a party, under her guidance, and she’ll even have a nice gift for you!  Amanda will touch more on this during her live event.  I urge you not to miss out!  Follow this link now, to Amandas Facebook acct.  so she can accept your friends request on Facebook so you’ll be ready the night of the event.  Amandas live videos will be held on her personal Facebook acct. But, I believe she has  seperate website for her Youniques Cosmetics.  Please, like and share this invitation so more people have the opportunity to attend.  Its much appreciated and needed to help small businesses gain an edge.  They appreciate your eagerness to help, even if its just by sharing.  Thank you!


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