Clinique Fresh Pressed 7 Day System with 10% Pure Vitamin C – First Impressions

IMG_20170506_190957_416With so many products on the market today containing Vitamin C or specializing in Vitamin C in the product, I’ve tried quite a few!  And, my list is growing!  I’m going to be adding more content on the subject more often and will keep those reviews catagorized for you to find them more easily.  Lets get started!  When I first read about Cliniques, Fresh Pressed 7 day, Daily Booster with 10% pure Vitamin C, I have to say, I didn’t take note right away.  In fact, it wasn’t until Saturday May 6th, on my  monthly visit to Ulta Beauty for my routine cut n color.   I always pop into the Cinique Counter to see what Ashley, the Clinique adviser for Ulta, is up to!  Always ready to show me whats new, how to use the products, what to expect and she loads me up with great samples and products to try!  I knew before my last visit, I’d want to try this new Clinique product!  I KNOW what Vitamin C can do for your complexion, AND MINE!  For $27.00, you’ll receive, a 7 day supply of cleansing packettes.  I use half of each packette in the morning, seal it up tight, and use the other half in the PM.  The cleanser with this system is what really sold me.  I did a little investigation.  Clinique found, when Vitamin C,  is in dry powder form, its shelf life can sustain the pure potency of the Vitamin, not losing any of its strength in percentage for optimal skins benefits.  You pour the cleanser into your hand and add a few drops of water, forming a soapy like paste.  Start rubbing it gently onto your face and neck, allowing it to stay on for 1 minute. I could actually feel a small section of my cheek tingling, but, probably because, I microneedle and may still have a treatment area exposed.  On day 2, I am noticing my complexion becoming a bit brighter.  Softer texture and not dried out.  I had those concerns but, surprisingly, my skin feels hydrated!   After 1 minute, rinse the cleanser off and pat dry your face.

Now, for the serum!  The part thats a little scientific!  As I stated above, Clinique research has found, Vitamin C can be left stable in powder form not losing any of its original potency.  In the Fresh Pressed 7 Day System Daily Booster, the potency is 10%.  You peel off the protective foil cover, and press firmly, the dome top.  This releases the Vitamin C powder, into the serum, in the bottom of the bottle.  You give it 15 second shake, take off the lid and shake out 2 drops.  Its suggested to mix the serum with your favorite Clinique moisturizer or any other moisturizer you’re using.  Once the Vitamin C powder is mixed with the serum, the serum has the power to maintain the potency of the Vitamin C for 7 days.  The serum has a formula that encapsulates the Vitamin C.  Its highly recommened to use this product as intended, in 7 days!    I happen to have Clinique Dramatically Different on hand so, I mixed my 2 drops with that.  Its also suggested, you can just apply the serum directly on your face and neck.  I recommend mixing it because, you’ll get more coverage than trying to dispurse 2 little drops.  Gentle message your moisturizer with Fresh Pressed Vitamin C serum mixture, into your face and neck until fully absorbed.  Thats it!  Depending if you start your treatment in the AM or PM, you’ll have the other half of the cleanser packette to use.  It may be suggested to use the whole packette in 1 cleanse but, I cleanse twice a day and this kit has 7 cleansing packettes for 7 days of treatment.  I feel, theres plenty in 1 packette for 2 cleanses. 1 AM and PM.  I’m on day 2 as noted earlier.  I’m not going to say I’ve noticed a big difference but, by day 7, I am hoping to be part of the 36% who emmediatly saw a brighter complexion.  My complexion does appear to be a bit clearer so, I’m ticking this box!  The same 36% of reviewers saw in just 7 days, a more radiant  even tone,  smooth, firmer look.  From what Ashley, the Clinique Discovery Skin Specialist told me, you can either use the 7 day Fresh Pressed Daily Booster, 1 week out of each month for 3 months, at $27.00 a month for the next 3 months, and your treatments are complete.  Or, you can purchase the same Fresh Pressed Daily Booster with 10% Vitamin C, in the larger kit, treating your skin continuasly for 3 weeks straight and achieve the same results, but seeing them quicker.  In laymens terms, For the impatient! Those of you that love instant gratification! Theres no right or wrong way, 7 days on, 21 off, or 21 straight days.

The Clinique Fresh Pressed 7 Day Daily Booster claims to awaken skins youthful look.  It will firm, tone, give you a radiant glow, help deminish fine lines and wrinkles.  For only being on day 2, I have ticked 3 boxes.  I’ve noticed my complexion looking radiant, Im noticing a slight differnce in tone and a definate difference in texture!  I’m can’t wait for day #7 and will be updating this review!  Sure, it’s a little pricey but, why put a dollar sign before your skin care concerns.  Vitamin C helps fight acne, reduces fine lines and wrinkles while building healthy new Collagen, and giving your skin a healthy young, radiant glow.  I’ve added  Cliniques All About the Eyes Gel moisture serum to me regimen to help with dark circles and puffiness around my eyes.  Theres something in the ingredients that actually helps drain the fluid in the lympatic system around your eyes.  You can find it at Ulta for $32.00 for .05 oz /15 mm and a very little goes a long way.  For $32.00, it better!

So, all in all, I wanted to touch base you on day 2 of my Clinique Fresh Pressed 7 Day, Daily Booster treatment.  I feel, so far, it is worth $27.00.  My other alternative would be to spend $50.00 or more on a Vitamin C product, I’d have to use daily and risk my product losing its potency.  If you enjoyed this review and would please hit the LIKE button and share it to your social media, I’d appreciate it very much!  Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you got something good out of it…Now go get your Vitamin C 7 Day Daily Booster!  You and your complexion won’t be disappointed!  You can also find me @semperfime151 on instagram.  I keep a daily record with photos and mini reviews of all my great, money saving skin care and cosmetic finds!  Some, not so affordable, sorry, but, I do try to have something for everyone!  You’ll find an array of great products with reviews from high price to low!


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