2D Bags👜💼 on Intagram

If you haven’t seen 2D bags yet, you’re in for a surprise!  These bags are not only cartoonishly cute but, highly functional.   Student ready back packs, hand bags and clutches.  Durable canvas with bottoms that zipper open for 3″ of extra width room for your tablet, notebooks, books or what ever your carry all is..!!  2D Bags come in an array of styles too.  Adorable handbags for a night out or work.  Or, as mentioned, backpack style for students.  These 2D Bags look 2 dimensional on first sight but, look closer and you’ll notice how roomy they actually are!  Quiltted on thd back for integrity with all the seams sewn for strength.  I saw these 2D Bags on Instagram and emmediatly had to have one!


The photo below of the pink Messenger style 2D Bag, that I bought with my own money, not gifted or given to me by 2D Bags,  is my personal 2D Bag I bought to carry my Samsung Galaxy Pro 10.1 Tab in.  The  duel, adjustable strap  lets me sling the bag around my shoulder while riding my bike, without worrying it slipping.

2DBags comes in an array of styles from dainty to  Husky.  Men, women, boys, and girls alike will be the talk of the town when everyone notices your 2D Bag!

2D Bags is currently having a 50% off sale on most styles with FREE international shipping.

2D Bags is sponsering a giveaway @semperfime151 on instagram when the acct.  (Which is my personal acct.) reaches 1001 Followers!  2D Bags has not influenced my opinion of their bags, nor held me responsible in any way to review their product or write about this giveaway.  I’m mentioning the brand and the giveaway, soley on my own.  2DBags has only offered to supply the gift, to my giveaway winner.

I do encourage you to check out my skin care beauty blog on instagram.  I review and write about skin care and cosmetics, representing no brand but my own.  I think you’ll find my Instagram feed interesting! @SemperFime151

Visit 2D Bags  on Facebook and Instagram.  Follow my acct. And when my acct reaches 1001, I’ll post the giveaway.  I may even supply a 2nd bag for 2 winners!


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