Take Me Back To Brazil Pressed Pigment Eye Shadow Palette from BH Cosmetics

I’ve been neglecting to add more interesting content to this blog site but, that’s all going to change!  I’ve been really busy, trying new beauty products from high end to lower end cosmetics.  I’ve been impressed with BH Cosmetics, since the first time I bought my first palette from this brand and never disappointed!  You’ll notice high end quality cosmetics at affordable prices on any budget.  From concealers, foundations blush, highlight palettes, lipgloss, lippies and more.  Accessories and brush sets and single brushes.  From synthetic to Vegan.  All at affordable prices!    I’ve collected 8 palettes to share with you, their preformance, pigmentation, wear time and more!  My last purchase is the Take Me Back To Brazil pressed pigment eye shadow palette.  35,  bright, colorful pigments that are a beautiful wash of color, over your lids and brow!  Don’t be fooled by how bright each pigment appears in the pans.  I’ll admit, I was a bit intimidated myself by            Take Me Back To Brazil $16.99.  Reimagined with 5, super pigmented hues and inspired by Rio’s Carnival.  35, shimmers, satins and mattes plus 2, oversized dual-chromatic ultra luminous transformers.  I only had to apply ONE pigment  to quickly see how pretty the color was on my eyes.  Some hues are sheer but, still vibrant and last all day and wear evenly.

The blues really took me by surprised how beautifully transparent you can apply them.  Like water colors washing over your lids.  Add more color, like the purple hues to transform your look, from simple day, to exotic night look.  I blended the blue, 7th row over, at the bottom, with a deep egg plant purple and a fleck of emerald green.  Sounds a bit much but, let me tell you.  The pigments at the lower far end of this palette, are more transparent.  Like water color paints lightly washed over your lids.  I haven’t played around with any other pigments from the palette so far but, dipped my brush in a

highlighter, far right, at the bottom.  The highlighter is a very light, champaign, lime green shade and beautiful once applied high on your cheek bones, bridge of your nose and any place on your face or collar bone, your heart desires.  I haven’t checked out the black pigment yet so, I can’t tell you anything about it.  My guess is, it’s available to deepen the lighter colors.  As the shimmery white hue, is to lighted the darker colors.

There are lots of reviews on the brands website, under the Take Me Back To Brazil palettes ad page. Check them here 👉Happy Customers ReviewsIMG_20170724_193128_022

Don’t let Take Me Back To Brazil get away from you again before it’s out of stock again!  I just happen to catch it’s restock 2 weeks ago.  The palette was a Deal of the Day buy, with a set of 7 of BH Cosmetics most popular eye shadow, brow and eye liner brushes, as a free gift with purchase.  BH Cosmetics runs  a Deal of the Day



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