Glycolic Peels

I sure wish I had known more about glycol peels when I was younger.  I knew about them, only knew that they were expensive and done in a dermatologists or plastic surgens office.  Boy, was I wrong!  I’ve found a very affordable way to do these peels at home.  But, before I begin to tell you about them in detail, a word of caution.  DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS AT HOME until you have researched your product, know exactly how to preform one at home safely and follow all directions.  Including, and most importantly, how long to leave on.

When I first got interested in doing glycolic peels at home, I spent a month researching the products available on Amazon and reading reviews.  Reviews are ALWAYS worth their weight in the time it takes to read them.  These reviewers have done them before, will tell you which products worked for them and their end results.  I read 100’s of them.  I can give you my experience here and tell you the glycolic peel brand and strength I used.

I’m gonna mention 2 products and brands here because of the importance of the second one.  First, why would you want or need a glycol peel, and what are they?  A glycolic peel, is an acid.  They come in strengths from 10% to 100% and used for resurfacing the skin.  To help eliminate fine lines, black heads, white heads, scarring, age spots and help to reveal younger skin.   Its HIGHLT recommended, beginers start at 10% to 25%.  I started at 25% and my skin handled it well.  Previously, I had been doing fruit peels so, that could be why my skin didn’t  peel.  (it doesn’t always peel)  You can read about fruit peels in another upcoming review.  If your intimidated by glycol peels, STOP, right here.  Check out Garnier at your local drug store and use a safer alternative, that can be used safely over night.  No need to worry about burns or dangerous after effect with the Garnier Over Night Mask.  I’m actually not sure what the label says but, you’ll find it along with all the other Garnier moisturizers, and like products.  Now, back to home Glycolic peels.  What you’ll need to know and purchase.  These items can be purchase affordably on Amazon.  First, I bought ASDM BEVERLY HILL 25% GLYCOLIC ACID MEDICAL STRENGTH from their Professional Spa Collection.   net wt. 1oz|30ml.

You’ll start by cleansing with an oil free cleanser.  Try Biore. Next, prepare skin with a solution of 50/50  alcohol and water.  It will help break up oil on your face so the glycol acid can penetrate.  Have a neutralizing solution ready.  I recommend a  baking soda and water paste for the first phase of neutralizing.  Then, use which ever brand you might like of professional neutralizer to wipe over your face after you’ve used the baking soda.  I used dermalure Skin Care Professionals ACID NEUTRALIZER, skin ph balancer, post peel treatment.  also found on Amazon.  Both these products each can be purchase for under $20.00 .  You’ll need the neutralizer.    I’m going to discuss the process but, you’ll need to take into account, I’m not a professional.  These are my personal home experiences and the process I’ve used.  I read reviews and followed the products direction and heeded the warnings..

Starting with a 10% to 25% glycolic acid.   The directions are on the box but, I’ll brief you here and PLEASE, read reviews about others experience.  Don’t be frightened, just use commen sense and follow directions to a “T” and you’ll  come out ok..  You can apply the glycol acid with a cotton ball but, you’ll waste it.  Use a bore hair fan brush.  and dont let the product drip.  protect your eye area..  apply a layer of glycolic acid to your face and start timing.  I do the left or right side of my  forehead only, first.. Its easier for timing, I don’t have to worry about anything at this point except, protecting my eyes.  I hold a wash cloth over my left eye, tilt my head and do only the left side of my forehead.  if youre comfortable doing your whole forehead at once, go for it, just watch your time AND EYES. The time for first timers is 1 to 3 minutes.  Then, I do the right side of my forehead protecting mh eyes. My first time was 1 1/2.  I wanted to make sure I didn’t harm my skin against hyperpigmentation.  dark spots.  Which is partly why one would do peels to begin with!!  Don’t be that girl..!!  When your time is up, have a cotton pad soaking in your baking soda/ water mixture and apply a layer over your forehead.  You’ll hear a sizzle.  Its called frosting.  It will burn but, only for about 6 seconds.  If you experience burning prior to when your time is up, go ahead an neutralize now but, its normal to feel burning.  Go ahead and do the rest of your face.  Watch your time.  Neutralize with baking soda/water mixer.  Rinse with cool water.  NOW, you can run a cotton ball soaked in the professional grade neutrslizer.  Cover your whole face.  Word to the wise.  When you are finished with the glycol peel acid, put the cap right back on the bottle and stick it under your vanity, in a cupboard, anywhere.. other than just sitting out.  You dont want to grab that bottle thinking its your neutralizer!!  I actually pour a small amount of glycol acid into a tiny pirex dish before starting and use my bore hair fan brush directly from the dish instead of directly from the bottle.  Once your finished rinising, make sure to use an SPF moisturizer like the L’oreal Revitalift Triple Power Lotion I mentioned in my review.  Its affordable and contains 20 SPF.  Other L’oreal day creams contain 30 SPF which is better.  You want to protect your new baby skin.  Your new skin will be prone to burning more easily.  At least for a week.  Its recommended not to wear make up for a week after a peel but, that also depends if your peeling.  I never have peeled.  You’ll have a fresh, dewy complexion.  Glycol peels, help erase fine lines over time. 3 or 4 peels. Helps eliminate black heads and white heads.  You may break out briefly but its normal.  The dead layer of skin is gone making it easier for gunk to resurface and be eliminated.  You may find using a black head removal tool beneficial.  But, wait a few days after a peel.  Please moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.  Invest in a vitamin c serum, hyaluronic serum also.  To promote the growth if collegen and the hyaluronic acid serum to help retain hydradtion.

I’ve spent alot of time researching and using this regimen now for a few months.  I’ve given my mother and friends home peels and an after treatment of serums and moisturizers and now, they are HOOKED!  I hope this article is helpful to you, I hope you try a home glycol peel and most importantly, I pray you follow directions!  Enjoy your new complexion!  Your face will love you for it and your make up will look so much nicer.1479503803627-1718651571