Rejuva Mineral Multi-Purpose Pressed Powder -Blended With Certified Fruit & Botanicals

I’vd had the pleasure of using Rejuva Minerals Multi-Purpose Pressed Powders and I’m really growing fond of this brand!  I’m in the process, like many other SMART folks, of converting all my skin care and cosmetics, over to all naturals and organic.  This started out a daunting task, and possibly expensive?  No!  I’m finding brands that are figuring this out for us!  And, thats what Rejuva Minerals Cosmetics  is  doing, perfectly and affordabley for you!

I’m going to start by letting you know you don’t need to go high dollar, or to a so called prestege beauty store to get the job done.  I’m so happy I found out about Rejuva Minerals and you will be too when you look into the mineral based cosmetic line they have cordinated or you!  There are several colors of the Mineral Wear Multi-Purpose Pressed Powders to choose from.  I’ve noticed a color range from light to dark skin tones.  You’ll also find other mineral make up like lipsticks, eye shadows, skin care, accessories and tools and even videos on tips, on the Rejuva Minerals website.  I do recommend you t least take a look. 👀

I’m currently using Rejuva Minerals Multi-Purpose Pressed Powder in Whire Diassmonds, $13.95 for 2.8 gm  I was so pleasantly surprised at how beautifully the powder highlighted me cheek bones, brow and nose.  ( I wish life was that easy trying to find a good pair of contacts that would co-operate!)  The Rejuva Minerals Multi-Purpose Pressed Powders are all that!  Easy!  Easy to wear, easy to afford, easy to understand the ingredient label… The White Diamond Pressed Powder is blended with Certified fruit & botanicals,  crease resistant, (and, I can attest to that,)  colored with minerals only,  ( mica coated and titanium dioxide) soft shimmer, Vegan, made without gluten containing ingredients,  BPA & Phthalate free packaging, and, the plastic parts of the compacts are recyclable. (FYI, I’M not 100 % sure but, I once read, a new type plastic has been developed out of corn sugars and thats how packaging from responsible brands can claim, their packaging is recyclable. I’m also not sure if Rejuva Minerals, used this process, I’m simply stating for non believers, there are alternate methods of plastics being made and recycled.  Some companies use recycled plastic pop bottles.  You can refer to the packaging on products you purchase for the recycle and sustainsble resource icon.  More and more brands are putting the icons on packaing.)   I’m also currently using  Rejuva Minerals Multi-Purpose Pressed Powder For Face in Papaya, $13.95 for 2.8 gm.  The color is perfect for my medium/light complexion and also suitable for light skin tones.  The soft peachy/tan color is buildable and I’m not having any issues with doing so, or fading either.  The pigement is matt on this blush and beautiful!  It’s formulated without  any skin irritants.  If you do have sensitive skin, click here for patch test instructions. ( personally, I think this brands products are compatable with even the most sensitive)

You cant hardly deny the claims, this brand has made because, the ingredients are all natural and  mineral wear make up has been known to be used by even the most sensitive skin people without any skin irritant.  Plus, look how beautiful the compact are!  Each compact comes with a mirror for when you’re on the go, and, who isn’t these days!  So, why have the added worry, you might be doing more harm than good, to your skin or body because, you haven’t taken the time to research and switch your cosmetics and skin care over to all natural, organic, mineral wear products.  I’m taking the time here to help you.  Just click on any link I provided to checkout the products from Rejuva Minerals website.

I highly recommend switching your cosmetics over to all natural products.  You have one skin, the biggest organ your body has and look at the job its required to do!

If you act now, you can get 20% off with promo code 042017 at checkout unil 4/10/17.  Can not be combined with any other offers.  Enjoy your new Mineral Wear make up from Rejuva Minerals! IMG_20170408_155859


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