Rose Water Toners On a Budget

A few months ago, back in Sept. 2016, I saw age 56 creeping up on me.  I noticed my complexion was looking dull, even though, I have always taken great care to cleanse and moisturize.  I started reading reviews on as many skin care products as I could, making mental notes of the best products at affordable costs, that are deemed effective by the reviewers.  I started glycolic peels.  I knew, ridding my face of dead skin cells, was prepping my skin for good serums, vitamins, moisturizers and last of all, toners.  I hardly ever used toners, thinking I didn’t need them but, reading about all the good effects they have, turned my thinking around.  I didn’t want to use ineffective, cheap toners.  The ones that are watered down and have a slew of chemicles in them, I couldn’t pronounce.  I finally found 2, that reviewers are raving about and if you can read, and pronounce, “Rose Water” then, the one I’m gonna introduce to you, is one you should incorporate into your beauty regimen.

TrueSkin Naturals Daily Rose Water TONER professional strength.  It’s 100% rose water, derived from 100% rose petal concentrate and is completely free of any chemicles, preservatives or artificial fragrances.   100% pure & natural.  Each bottle has an expiration date, stamped on the label so, you know, your product is fresh.  TrueSkin Naturals is never tested on animals. 🐇

You can use it under make up, or alone.  I use it first, allow it to dry, then, apply my TrueSkin Naturals Vitamin C serum, and my hyaluronic acid serum.  I let these products absorb for about 10 minutes then apply my moisturizer and eye cream.  I have read that the importance of using a toner is so your other products can absorb better into your skin.  Since your skin is made up of, about 73% water anyway, the toner is able to settle into your layers of skin, in return, making your skin more receptive to the other serums you’ll be applying.  I strongly believe this too.  I read another article, saying the opposite.  That serum absorb better into drier skin layers.  That if your skin is thirsty, it will eagerly drink up whats being applied.  I really was confused by now!!!  Both, seemed to make sense to me.  I read a monthly subscription to a magazine called “happi”.  “happi” is a magazine for cosmetic companies to learn about new technology and ingredients, containers for their products, advertising, marketing, scientific studies on cosmetics, moisturizers, perfumes ect.  I ordered the subsctiption, not realizing what kind of magazine it was but, I’m reading it anyway and learning a few things.  And, to tone or not to tone before applying serums was what I read in “happi” Personally, I’m thinking, spraying a toner, or essense on your face to hydrate it before applying other products, makes more sense to me.

I have used 2 very good Rose Water toners that are under $20.00  and the TrueSkin Naturals 100% Rose Water Toner is one of them.  It smells just like roses but, not over bearing.  I’m sure there is a slight amount of oils in the solution because, you must shake it before use.  I don’t feel any oily residue afterwards either.  It makes my skin feel soft and overtime, the rose water essense will give your complexion a nice glow.

You can find TrueSkin Naturals Rose Water TONER on Amazon along with all the other TrueSkin Naturals beauty product line.  I’ll be adding a link to this post for you soon but, until then, use the search feature on Amazon for TrueSkin Naturals Rose Water Toner.2016-11-07-13-32-08-1


4 thoughts on “Rose Water Toners On a Budget

  1. fancieland says:

    I just started using the Mario Badescu rose water spray after hearing so many good things about it and now I’m obsessed lol. It makes my skin feel so soft and it seems to really help the rest of my skincare products absorb better. Now it’s got me wanting to try some other ones and this sounds like a good option. I may have to give this a try

    Liked by 1 person

    • beautyonabudget634 says:

      Fancie, I’m happy to know you’re using rose water in general.!! It’s a great way to start your skin care regimen each day and night as it’s been known, moist, hydrated skin absorbs your other products better. Thanm you for stopping by. Sorry for the late reply. Blogginv takes some getting use to but, I’m getting there!


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