Welcome To Your 10 Step Skin Care Routine

1482352263498-428626771I’ve always done everything I could to take care of my skin.  I’ve watched the decades go by, like a blur.  But, one thing I’ve always done, was  my research.  Researching information about my age groups skin care needs.  Thank God, for the professionals!

I’m going to get to the information I really want you to know about.  I was reading in the happi magazine page 54, about how the South Korean women have adopted a 10 step skin card routine.  I know that sounds like alot of products to apply at once to your face but, thats where the benefit of layering them falls.  The routine, lightweight products such as  essense and serums.  The South Korean women love to  layer them for an all over glos and super moisturized skin.  They are known as Modisumers.  A comination of modification and consumer.  They start with first removing their make-up with an oil based cleanser, (I use Garnier)to remove the bulk of their  make-up and daily grime.  They follow with a water based cleanser to remove the oil and any remaining grime.  I’ve been using InstaNatural Vitamin C Cleanser in the morning and InstaNatural Glycolic Cleanser at night.  Before I discuss the next step,  I’ll talk about serums.  Serums are alot like moisturizers and can have alot of the same ingredients the brands  moisturizers have in them but, they are super concentrated.  I’ve been using InstaNatural Hyaluronic Acid Serum.  That product helps to maintain the skins water, like a barrier by allowing each molecule to carry 1000 x’s its weight.  It helps maintain moisture and hydration levels creating a barrier for your skin to retain moisture and hydration levels.  A good one and affordable is the InstaNatural Hyaluronic Acid Serum.  Don’t worry, it’s not a harmful acid!  Neutrogena also makes one that claims to retain moisture levels by 1000 %.   Next, they use an exfoliator.  (Are you counting the products yet?)  I’ve been using a few different ones and because, my skin is dry in some areas, I only do this step once or twice a week.   (I use dr. Brandt PoreDermabrasion pore perfecting exfoliator) There are several on the market that is more affordable and one is St. Yves.  It’s important to exfoliate so your  serums and moisturizers can penetrate skin layers and do 100% of their intended job!  It also wouldn’t hurt to use a pore nose strip to remove blackheads on your nose.  (I’ve found TonyMoly Egg Pore strips do an amazing job!  I purchase an 7 pk. for $8.00 through the Birchbox shop where I receive my $10.00 a month beauty box samples.    I’ve seen them on other websites also but, check to see if you can find them at the TonyMoly website.   I don’t want to get too far off track here so next, they use a toner to balance the skins Ph.  Again, I’ve been using InstaNatural 100% Moroccan Rose Water and I’ve used TrueSkin Naturals Rose Water Toner.  Liz Earl is a bit pricerier but, has fantastic hydration properties!  I’m sampling Liz Earl Radient Skin Care Collection now.  ( I’ll be reviewing it very soon ob this blog)  You can find both products, InstaNatural and TrueSkin Naturals on Amazon.com for under $20.00, and InstaNaturals products and shop feature are  also on FACEBOOK.   The South Korean women are using essense for cell turn over and hydration.  Also, sheet masks.  You can find them about anywhere beauty items and skin care products are sold.  Currently, I’m using Liz Earl Intensive Nourishing Treatment Mask.  You’ll want to end your 10 step skin care routine with a good moisturizer.  It doesn’t have to be expensive.  Just good. A good moisturizer will absorb quickly into your skin.  Just an FYI…

Theres really no particular brand you have to use in your 10 step skin care routine but, if you’ve been reading my reviews, the products on these pages are a great place to start.  I’ve been using them all and a few others I’ve recently added to me regimen.  Women in the US haven’t fully adopted this concept but, it’s expected to take off.  In the Nov. 2016 issue of Happi magazine the website and blog,  operated by a California couple who visit Seoul to find the latest beauty innovations and incorporate them on their Soko Glam website.   They give product descriptions, as I have also done in my blog, expaining product suggestions that can be incorporated in a 10 step skin care routine.  Mentioned in the Nov Happi magazine,  Soko Glam sells curated boxed sets of Korean skin care products at a price of $199.00,  which can be incorporated in a 10 step skin care routine.  I’m checking out Soko Glam!

You don’t have to have your personalized new skin care routine consist of 10 products.  You can use less.  I use 8 products some days and 10 on other days.  It just depends what my skin needs.  We all know basically, what our skin care needs are and can adjust those products accordingly.  My suggestion to you though, is, start by using the products listed on these pages.  You’ll start to notice a clearer, more even skin tone in no time.  I’ve mentioned alot of affordable, effective products to help get you started.  As time goes by, you’ll find yourself researching products and adding new ones to your regimen.  I’ll be adding more products to my blog as the months move forward.  And, as we approach Spring, I’ll add more lightweight skin care products to help you adjust, what your skin needs will be, season to season.  I hope the information  in this article brought you closer to deciding if a 8 to 10 step skin care routine is right for you!


Some of the information is this article was taken from the Happi magazine, November 2016 issue, page 54, 55, rewritten in my words for the benefit of my readers.  I want to thank the Happi publication for their research and valuable information that is valued by their readers to mine.